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Recognition Day and Celebration

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October 25 2016
October 25 2016

11th and 12th batch Recognition Day and Celebration

Talisay, Cebu, Philippines. October 12, 2016 (Wednesday) we celebrated the 11th and 12th batch graduation. We have 6 members in the 11th batch who have paid off their loans to MBM, at the same time, we also have 6 members in the 12th batch. But only a few were able to attend to due to weather and various other reasons. But we were able to send them their certificates and Bibles as their awards of being faithful in their responsibilities to their businesses and to MBM.

All of them gave testimonies of how grateful they are to God that they were able to be part of MBM to helps them run a business and a livelihood that they can call their own now. We had a lot of games and prizes for the good payees and savers of the year.

We invited the pastor of Christ Forever Glorified Assembly of Tubod, Minglanilla to speak to us and who shared a very inspiring message from God’s Word about business and mentoring. Indeed, we can’t be successful without God’s guidance and mentoring in business.

We recognized in 11th batch Henry Samorin as good payee and saver. Then, for the 12th batch we have Emie Pilones, Marilyn Morano, Carmelita Saturnino, Jocelyn Ebrado, Jocelyn Recla, Rebecca Baynosa and Amalia Cañeda as good payees and savers.

We look forward for more strength and blessings from the Lord to keep on running their individual businesses as they go on.

These are the prizes and awards we have during the events. And we had fellowship during lunch after the ceremony. We enjoy different games, and lastly, they have a skit contest portraying the life of MBM members.

We gave them cash prizes for the skit.  One thousand pesos for the winner and five hundred pesos for the second placer. On the right side below are the distribution of awards to the MBM members.