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Founder John Jensen

Reflections on John Jensen’s life:  March 16, 1934 – June 26, 2011

MBM owes its direction and founding to John Jensen.  A successful business and family man, John turned his focus to following Jesus more fully in 1987.  This directed the rest of his life and career path.  Ministry highlights:  Medical mission to Mexico; manager at St.Vincent DePaul: business mentor in Tajikistan and Uganda where he celebrated his 75th birthday; relief coordinator in Afghanistan; founded Micro Business Mentors in November 2008.

Below is a touching reflection on John.  With Louann Jensen’s  permission, the MBM Board of Directors dedicates our website and our continuing efforts to serve the poor in Uganda, Philippines and beyond to our beloved John.  (John 3:16 he liked to note)

  • Both John and Louann were a calming, steadying force for our team in those years.
  • John and Louann came a couple times to visit us. They were always encouraging us and seeing the positive qualities in our lives, work and mission here.
  • John was always gracious and humble, no matter who was with him or what the occasion.
  • John was always down to earth with people, never proud, always listening to understand one’s perspective.
  • John cared for those people who were down-in-the-gutter, offered his hand to lift them up, gave hope!
  • John was always concerned for men who had leadership positions and recognized they were vulnerable to the enemy’s temptations, prayed for and mentored anyone who took this opportunity.
  • John and Louann treated us as their children – we always felt welcomed by them.
  • John always treated team members, with the utmost respect. Even when people were “turkeys,” he would gently take them to the side and have a quiet word with them!
  • John always reminded us of God’s love, his care and ultimately HIM who is building our church.
  • John and Louann’s marriage was a testimony for all marriages.
  • John always believed in partnership for business, something that I have learned from him. The concept allows those who are getting help to eventually buy out the business from you, a real servant attitude that lifts up the down- trodden.
  • I was deeply touched when John shared how he was so blessed to be able to use his skills again in the work out here even in his old age. His joke was that even used tires can be “re-treaded” and this was an understatement!
  • He was a man who allowed God to use him. He challenged us to depend on the Lord, be accountable with our work and lives.
  • John enjoyed the little things – like gardening, coffee, cups of tea with families (discussing life, poetry, history, whatever). He enjoyed people – full stop!

May the Lord get all the Glory and Honor – Praise be to Him forever and ever!