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Become Part of the Solution

MBM is a volunteer-run organization that relies on donations to help us train, fund, mentor, and empower entrepreneurs around the world.

Even small donations can make a difference. Consider the following impact of recurring monthly gifts:

  • $25/month buys a bushel of tomatoes or bananas to sell.
  • $125/month funds a brick-making business.
  • $300/month provides for a small thrift store.
  • $400/month purchases a refrigerator for selling beverages.

Micro Business Mentors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Danville, CA (TAX ID 26-3825659). The working Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers, bring together their passion for serving the globally underprivileged and their wide array of expertise in business, banking, technology, marketing, construction, real estate, and counseling.

It’s Not Small Change to Everyone

By email request, MBM also provides piggy banks to collect spare coins to be donated. This is a great way to teach generosity and global awareness to our children and to remind all of us that even our small change can make a difference!