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Uganda - The "REEL" Deal

June 22, 2018
Should Steve Jacobus, MBM Board Member, go on “Dancing with the Stars?” No Steve, we need you in Uganda. Iganga, Uganda (near Jinja). The ladies just love to dance, especially when they are happy. They were nearing the end of training week and before MBM funded their loans. There were three loan groups here dancing with the MBM mentors and Board member and Regional Director for MBM Uganda, Steve Jacobus stated, “It’s just a way for us to share what they have been working for all week and to share in their happiness and joint efforts for ...

Meet Namatovu Lydia

October 06, 2017
Lydia is a very hard working lady and she loves her business with a passion. She started selling cold drinks with a very old refrigerator which did not keep her drinks cool.  Customers started going to other shops. She says when MBM bought  her a new refrigerator, her business changed and it started growing. She started getting more customers, and she appreciates all the support from MBM. She says the demand is now high and the refrigerator she has can’t stock enough drinks so she will buy a bigger refrigerator on her third loan. She says “ ...

Meet Musoke Esther

September 30, 2017
Esther is a business woman in Bugembe town in Jinja District in Uganda. She has a retail shop and she is doing very well. She says her first loan was used to add stock in the business that enabled her get more customers and increase her profits. The second loan was used to buy a big refrigerator, and she now makes good money from cold drinks. She has learned how to keep her business records up-to-date so she can determine her profits.  She is thankful to MBM for the support.   To learn more about how you can help someone like Esther, ...

Meet Jennifer Chandiru

September 18, 2017
Our borrowers each belong to a group that provides additional support and mentoring so that their businesses can be even more successful.  Jennifer Chandiru is a borrower within Masese God’s Will Group.  She is a very hard working lady who received support from MBM. Jennifer started a restaurant! She has struggled a lot to grow her business.  Now her food is bought first before any other.   "She cooks good food and people like it," claims Steve Jscobus (MBM DIrector).  Steve especially likes her rice and beans……..Thanks MBM from Jennifer. ...

Meet Tumwebaze Rose

September 15, 2017
This is Rose. She is a hard working lady; she started very small after getting her first loan from MBM. She put up a small hair saloon and she was using her profits to purchase chickens. She kept doing that and later she started a small primary school with 10 children. She now has over 100 children studying in herschool. She recently recieved another loan from MBM to buy some chairs and children’s play games. The children arehappy using the swing for playing. Rose appreciates MBM for the support.   If you are interested in supporting ...

MBM 1st Loan Group Recognition

September 12, 2017
Jarod Sonido
These words of praise are were written by MBM mentor Jared Sonido. After completing MBM's basic business training conducted by our mentor Ate Cheryl in February 2017, MBM granted  11 business entrepreneurs loans as part of the first group  of MBM Biliran beneficiaries.  All11 loans have been repaid.  Time for a Philippine celebration! It was simple yet memorable celebration of how good God is in our lives for the provision and blessings to help improve  the economic stability of these energetic people. Food was brought to share with others, ...

Payatas, Philippines

August 31, 2017
Lizabeth Fiortes
This is Payatas, Quezon City, MBM’s newest area. It is very well known to be the dump site for all garbage of Metro Manila and is the largest landfill in the Philippines. 1000 trucks/day dump 2-3 tons of garbage! Most of the people living here work at the dump site are scavengers, searching for bottles, plastics and anything they can sell. MBM and Samaritana’s newest partner church Komunidad Kay Kristo (Community in Christ) is headed by the resident pastor, Pastor Jack Alvarez. Pastor Jack believes that the true Christian principle to help ...

Recognition Day and Celebration

October 25, 2016
Talisay, Cebu, Philippines. October 12, 2016 (Wednesday) we celebrated the 11th and 12th batch graduation. We have 6 members in the 11th batch who have paid off their loans to MBM, at the same time, we also have 6 members in the 12th batch. But only a few were able to attend to due to weather and various other reasons. But we were able to send them their certificates and Bibles as their awards of being faithful in their responsibilities to their businesses and to MBM. All of them gave testimonies of how grateful they are to God that they ...

Children of Faith Partnership

September 29, 2016
Kicking off our Vision 2025 efforts, MBM has been very busy this year working with a new mission partner in India. Children of Faith (COF) is an orphanage located in Visakhapatnam (Visag for short), a seaport on the eastern coast of India with a population of approximately 2 million people.  COF was founded and is operated by an Indian couple, Anand and Rosie Thandu. Anand and Rosie attended universities here in California and had successful careers in the San Francisco Bay Area before God called them to move back to India to help the many ...

Uganda Success Story

September 28, 2016
Denis Batema is a true success story, not only for Children of Grace but also for MBM. Denis was a sponsored child and excelled at his primary and secondary education. He was awarded the MasterCard scholarship and is now a junior at Arizona State University. Denis put together a viable business plan with MBM’s assistance and with a $1000 loan, he started a gym in the town of Jinja, Uganda. He paid his loan off in six months, and today his business continues to thrive. We are very proud of Denis for all of his accomplishments and his ...

Gift World 2016

September 27, 2016
Gift World 2016 is coming on October 9. JOIN US on the patio and meet and support 16 of our mission partners on Sunday, October 9 from 10AM to 1PM. Delicious mission burgers will be served! Gift World 2016 - Promo from CPC Danville on Vimeo. ABOUT GIFT WORLD CPC is excited to let you know about Gift World! Gift World began in 2008 as an opportunity to purchase meaningful Christmas gifts for family, friends, and business associates. Your gifts make a difference to those in need locally, regionally and internationally by providing ...

Board Member Tatoo

September 13, 2016
Now here is a dedicated MBM Board member! The tattoo on his ankle is of his favorite MBM location...Uganda! And that spot you see? Well that is Jinja, Uganda where MBM established its "flagship" loan program back in 2009. Go Steve!

New Video

March 23, 2016
Our new video from MBM. Watch and share our Vision for 2025!

Uganda Survey Results

October 23, 2014
Steve reports that “34 of our 36 MBM borrowers (94%) said they benefit from participating in an MBM accountability group where they can receive support, help solve one another’s business problems, and learn how to keep income and expense records—all while making friends and receiving personal guidance from an MBM Mentor.” 34 of the 36 borrowers interviewed were women, 2 are men. 40% are married, 60% are single. Nearly half of those now single have lost a spouse to HIV/Aids. The borrowers’ ages ranged from 27 to 61. Here is a snapshot of ...

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